Project Overview

Objective:To create 3 magazine ads with 1 umbrella concept for a household brand. The ads will include a main visual and tagline. These ads will elevate the product and communicate a message to the consumer.

Target Audience
Adults who purchase cleaning supplies for
their own home.

Tools Used:
Adobe Photoshop
3 Print magazine ads with 1 lateral concept


Why Windex?
Great question, Windex's typical ads lack fun. I found that its function of cleaning and clarifying a window presented an opportunity to reveal something jarring and creative. I asked myself what's something that we'd absolutely hate to miss?

That question could be followed by an answer realistic and practical, like maybe "the kids playing in the yard", or "the birds sitting on the window sill". OR we can take it a step further, more extreme, with imagery of something eye-catching but still establishes a relationship with the viewer. How about Godzilla? King Kong? Zombies? 
Tagline: Clearly Necessary.
Windex is clearly necessary. It removes the grime and dirt of the glass pane that is a visual portal to the outside world called a window. Essential for the house? Of course. Essential for survival? Absolutely. The benefits of the product are presented to be necessary for revealing what is beyond the glass in an extreme scenario.
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